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Sample Line Graph Essay - IELTS Writing Task 1

The line graph shows the percentage of people aged 65 and older in 3 countries, including the US, Sweden and Japan from 1940 to 2040.

In general, the proportion of population aged 65 and older in all 3 countries is expected to rise throughout the period, with Japan taking the dominance in 2040.

In 1940, about 9% of the US population was older than 65 years old. This figure is forecast to increase by 13% to 22% in 2040. Sweden’s figure, which started at around 7% in 1940, is expected to grow by approximately 4 times to 25% in 2040, surpassing the percentage of people aged 65 and over of the US in the same year.

The growth of 65-and-older population of Japan is expected to be the most significant. Only 5% of the Japanese population was older than 65 years old in 1940, which was lower than the figures of the US and Sweden in the same year. However, the 5% figure is forecast to jump considerably by approximately 6 times to its peak of around 27% in 2040.

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