• Mai Duc Nguyen

Collection of Useful Sentence Structures for IELTS Speaking and Writing

IELTS candidates who try to answer questions in the Speaking and Writing tests and use complex sentence structures often fail to do both. Therefore, you should use grammar that you are most confident with in IELTS Speaking and Writing.

Below you can find a number of useful sentence structures. They are not complex but by using them correctly, you can gain a good band score (given that your sentences are grammatically correct and relevant to given topics).

Use this list - which will be updated regularly - as samples only.

1. By:

By travelling abroad, people can explore new cultures and make friends.

2. Because/ Since/ As:

Many students choose to learn foreign languages because/ since/ as this improves their employment opportunities after they graduate.

3. Although:

Although economic growth results in greater foreign investment and spending, it widens income inequality in many developing countries.

4. In spite of/ Despite:

In spite of/ Despite being able to make a lot of money, becoming a celebrity means that your private life can be negatively affected by your fans and the media.

5. It is believed/ argued/ claimed that ...

It is believed/ argued/ claimed that studying arts and music at school has a positive impact upon students' creativity.

6. No sooner ... than:

No sooner does the economy of China develop than its people start to realise that the air quality in their country is severely degraded.

7. Positively/ Negatively impacts/ affects/ influences:

Changing careers and places of residence many times can negatively affect your children who will have to study in new schools regularly.

8. Relative clauses:

Living in big cities poses various health dangers such as lung cancer which results from second-hand smoking and air pollution.

9. Linking and sign-post words:

First, Second, Third, Fourth

Furthermore, Moreover, Besides, In addition to ..., Apart from ..., With respect/ regard to ...

In conclusion, To conclude, In short, In brief, In general

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