• Mai Duc Nguyen

Academic Expressions to Describe Features in IELTS Writing Task 1

You should varify the use of your vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures in Writing Task 1. Below you can find multiple ways to express certain trends and features.


1. Fast:

Sharp, Quick, Rapid, Sudden, Steep, Dramatic

2. Slow:

Gradual, Plodding, Creeping, Slow

3. Big:

Considerable, Substantial, Significant, Sizable, Extensive, Ample, Large, Enormous, Massive, Remarkable, Exponential

4. Small:

Slight, Insufficient, Scanty, Insignificant, Unnoticeable, Unremarkable, Negligible

5. Moderate:

Moderate, Regular, Normal, Fair

6. Consistent:

Consistent, Continuous, Regular, Uninterrupted, Constant


1. Increase:

Grow, Rise, Jump, Clime, Escalate, Improve, Soar, Boost, Surge, Swell

2. Decrease:

Drop, Fall, Decline, Dip, Diminish, Reduce, Deplete, Plunge, Plummet

3. Stay unchanged:

Go through a period of stagnation

Experience a period of stability

Stay constant

Remain unchanged

4. Fluctuate:

Expressions as nouns: A fluctuation, An inconsistency, An irregularity

5. Highest value:

Highest value = Peak

Academic expression: Reach a peak of ...

6. Smallest value:

Academic expression: Reach a smallest value of ...

Hit the bottom of ...

Bottomed out at ...

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