• Mai Duc Nguyen

How to Learn New Words?

A key aspect of the IELTS test is vocabulary. In order to improve your vocabulary, you have to learn new words. There are many ways to do so, but certainly reading new words aloud or writing them 10 times does not help.

My teaching experience shows that one of the most efficient ways to learn new words is to build academic sentences that include them. Sentences are easier to remember than individual words because they have a story. By building sentences, you also learn new grammar.

Try to make sentences that have an academic meaning and look at them on a daily basis as a method of revision. Let's have several examples:

Mission: Learn the word "Influence"

Sentence: Islam has a big influence in countries in the Middle East such as Libya and Iran.

Misison: Learn the word "Fragile"

Sentence: Glass is an example of fragile material and therefore you should handle it with care.

Mission: Learn the word "Embrace"

Sentence: I am happy that my teacher embraces the idea of organising a study trip to Las Vegas.

Now it is your turn. Create sentences that have the following words:

1. Seize

2. Obsolete

3. Artificial

Please share your sentences by leaving a comment.