• Mai Duc Nguyen

Tips for Different Question Types of the IELTS Reading Test

General tips and advice for the IELTS Reading test: http://www.ieltswithmrduc.com/skills

Free sample IELTS texts and questions: http://www.ieltswithmrduc.com/sample-texts

Special tips based on question types:

1. Notes-completion questions:

Pay attention to word limit. For example, some questions require you to answer with no more than 3 words and/or a number for each.

2. Short-answer questions:

Make predictions of what correct answers might be based on WH words. For example, the word Who suggests that the answer should be a person or organisation, whereas a question starting with Where means that the answer can be a location.

3. True/ Fasle/ Not given questions:

My experience as an IELTS teacher and candidate shows that for the vast majority of True/ False/ Not given exercise, there will be at least one question with the correct answer being Not given.

4. Multiple-choice questions:

In many cases, one out of three or four possible answers is apparently wrong, whereas another choice is not given. One choice is likely to be false, leaving the correct answer being true.

5. Matching questions: Read instructions to make sure you understand if you are allowed to choose one letter for multiple questions.

6. Choosing headings for paragraphs:

Underline key words of possible headings and comeplete this exercise after you finish questions of other types. Doing this type of question is very time-consuming. The best way to understand the meaning of a paragraph is to look at its first sentence, last sentence or words that are repeated or rephrased many times.

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