• Mai Duc Nguyen

Use Linking Words for Your IELTS Speaking and Writing Answers

Using linking words is a great way to connect your ideas and sentences. It also effectively directs the IELTS examiner when marking your work. Below you can find a collection of common and useful linking words which can be used for your IELTS Speaking responses and Writing essays.


First (of all), Second, Third

At the beginning, In the beginning

Next, Before, After, After that, Afterwards

Prior to, Immediately after, As soon as, No sooner ... Than

At the end, In the end, At last

Example: Computer games can be beneficial for children in a number of ways. First, by playing computer games, children can develop their creativity and the ability to think strategically.


What is more, Furthermore, Moreover, Besides

In addition, Not only ... But also, Additionally, Equally important

Example: These days, many multi-national employers expect their job candidates to be able to speak more than one foreign language. Furthermore, they also want their potential employees to master non-academic skills such as being able to solve unstructured problems.


However, Although, In spite of, Despite

Nevertheless, On the contrary, On the one hand ... On the other hand

Whereas, While, In fact, But

Example: A number of sociologists argue that religion is no longer important in Western societies. However, statisitcs show that the Muslim community in these societies is still affected deeply by religious practises.


As a result, Subsequently, Because, As, Since

Because of, Due to, Thanks to

Example: Online learning has grown massively in recent years on a global scale thanks to the increasing popularity of the Internet and mobile devices.


Therefore, Thus, Hence, Consequently

Example: The number of private vehicles in China has increased considerably over the past few decades. Consequently, the air quality in this country has gone down.


Who, That, Where, When, Which, To whom, Whose

Example: Facebook which is the world's biggest social media has witnessed significant and continuous user growth.


In my opinion, Personally

I think, believe, claim, argue that ...

Example: In my opinion, increasing the number of police officers is one of the most efficient ways to reduce crime rate.


For example, For instance

Such as, A great examle is ...

Example: A great example of a celebrity that has invested a large proportion of his wealth in social and non-profit projects is Bill Gates.


To begin with, To begin, To start

The first point is ...

Example: Many students choose to take a gap year before going to university for a number of reasons. To begin with, they believe that a gap year enables them to increase their work experience.


In conclusion, To sum up, In short, In brief

Example: To sum up, I believe that home-schooling can have positive and negative impacts on children and their parents.