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Causes and Effects of Obesity - Sample Task 2 Essay

Task 2 topic: The rate of obesity is rising in many parts of the world. Why is this trend happening? What are its impacts?

1. Ideas:


- Changes in people’s diet

- Expansion of fast food chains

- Lack of physical exercises


- Problems with related to heart, sleep patterns and concentration

- Greater demand for food

- An increasing burden on agricultural production

2. Sample essay:

Obesity can be medically understood as a condition where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have a negative effect on their health. The increasing rate of obesity is mainly caused by changes in lifestyles in developing and developed economies. In this essay, I will also analyse the consequences of a society with more obese people.

The first reason to explain why the rate of obesity is growing is changes in people’s diet. An increasing number of people these days choose food rich in sugar and fat such as chips and fried chicken for their meals, supported by the expansion of fast food chains such as KFC and Burger King. Although this lifestyle is suitable for under-weight people, it will increase fat in normal-sized people’s bodies so quickly that they can suffer from obesity in a few years.

A society with rising rate of obesity can also be attributed to lack of physical exercises that people take. Greater work pressure and ignoring the importance of physical education at schools explain why adults and children are not taking as much as exercises as they did.

Few people might argue that because potential health risks are becoming more serious, it is a good idea to be obese since this condition improves people’s immunity system. However, researches in many countries have shown that obesity leads to problems with related to heart, sleep patterns and concentration. If not treated properly, obese people can be in critical conditions which endanger their life.

While there is no evidence that obese people can contribute to productivity or economic growth of a country, the simple fact is they demand more food than normal people, which puts an increasing burden on agricultural production.

In conclusion, higher rate of obesity is primarily due to greater availability of fat food and factors that prevent people from taking physical exercises. Despite having a potential benefit, obesity is widely seen as a health risk which brings more harm than positive effects.

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