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The Process of Producing Cement and Concrete - Sample Task 1 Essay

Sample essay:

The two flowcharts describe the process of producing cement and concrete.

In the production of cement, the initial stage requires a mixture of limestone and clay. It will be then placed into a crusher which transforms the mixture to a certain amount of powder. After going through a mixer, the powder enters a heating process where a rotating heater will increase its temperature.

The next stage involves a grinder which will process heated powder and turn them to finished cement. Cement after all stages of production are packed into bags for delivery purposes.

Processed cement is required for the production of concrete which involves fewer steps but a larger number of initial components. A mixture of gravel, sand, cement and water with respective proportions of 50%, 25%, 15% and 10% is prepared. The next stage witnesses the appearance of a huge concrete mixer which plays the role of processing the initial mixture of 4 components and transforming it to finished concrete.

Although the two flowcharts are significantly different, they both require a mixer, which is the only similarity.

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