• Mai Duc Nguyen

Sample IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions - The Media, News and Natural Environment

A. Media & News:

- How do most people get their news in your country?

It depends on where they live and how wealthy they are. In rural areas where economic growth is limited and telecommunication infrastructure is still developing, I think traditional newspapers and television are the two most common ways of getting news. In more economically developed areas, people use the Internet and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to update news instantly.

- How do you think people will get their news in the future?

In my opinion, traditional newspapers and television will be less popular methods of getting news in the future because of the time lag between when news happen and when readers get them. By contrast, I believe mobile devices will be a dominant way of updating news because they can offer instant news. Another trend that I am thinking of is that readers will play the role of correspondents. In other words, they will report stories by themselves and post those online.

- Do you believe everything you read in the newspapers?

No I do not. Certainly before being published, news and stories in the newspapers must be censored by newspaper providers. However, sometimes this process is done quickly and irresponsibly, which results in unreliable information. There are cases where journalist’s bias on a certain issue affects the validity of stories. For example, a feminist journalist would probably see all men as the causes and offenders of domestic violence.

- How has TV changed our life?

TV provides people with a good opportunity to update reliable and censored news on a regular basis. It also creates a good reason for family members to gather, talk to each other or have a family meal together. However, many people have been so addicted to TV that they forget aspects of their real life. Scientific researches have indicated that watching a lot of TV can increase the probability of diabetes and obesity.

- What do you think of children watching TV?

Watching TV is certainly beneficial for children in some way as it helps them relax and feel exicted about something new. There are a range of TV programs aiming at children that provide really useful academic knowledge and understanding. However, watching TV for a huge amount of time without physical exercises can lead to physical and mental issues such as being overweight.

B. Natural environment:

- Why is it important to protect the natural environment?

A healthy and clean environment can improve the physical and mental state of people living in it. It also creates opportunities for people to go out, relax and practise physical exercises. In addition to this, a lot of goods and products that humans consume are made from the nature. Therefore, protecting the environment also provides society with an opportunity to develop sustainably.

- What environmental problems are common in your country?

The most common issue in Vietnam is pollution which happens in several forms such as noise, air and water pollution. These types of pollution primarily result from the significant increase in industrial production and private vehicles. Over the past few years, the decline in wild animals and natural resources such as wood are becoming more serious as these things account for a large proportion of Vietnam’s exports.

- What can the Vietnamese government do to deal with those problems?

An increase in tax on business production and firms who create large amounts of waste is possible. By doing so, businesses will see an economic incentive to cut back on industrial and harmful waste. In addition to this, the government can develop public transport systems such as underground trains to encourage people to use these systems instead of their private vehicles. A good example of this is the development of metro systems in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city. Also, the Vietnamese government can conduct information campaigns to raise people’s awareness of environmental problems.

- What technological innovations should the world develop to protect the environment?

I think technology companies around the world shoud invest much more to develop solar-energy networks and facilities that support solar power. Not only is solar energy available in massive amounts but it is also a clean form of energy. Furthermore, car and train companies should develop environmentally-friendly vehicles that consume less petrol, which will reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide emission. Thus, air pollution is solved.

- Do you think the youth these days care about the environment?

Certainly there are groups of young people who take great care of the environment. They organise social events which raise people’s awareness of environmental problems, such as the Annual Earth Hour which requires households to switch off unimportant electrical facilities for 1 hour. However, there are a large number of young people who do not care about the environment. I think the issue here is that they do not understand that environmental problems around the world are becoming more serious. In Beijing, for example, fresh air is now seen as an economic commodity.

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