• Mai Duc Nguyen

Academic Expressions to Describe Maps in IELTS Writing Task 1

- Constructed (past tense): Built, erected, established, created, developed.

Example: In 1995, a large number of houses were built in the Northwest of the town.

- Rebuilt (past tense): Fixed, repaired.

- Appeared (past tense): Came, emerged, the advent of (noun).

Example: In the present time, a car park appears next to the hotel.

- To show position (passive form): Located at, situated at, positioned at.

Example: In 1995, a cafe and a hotel were located in the Southeast of the town.

- Location (noun): Site, area, spot, region.

- Changes (noun - plural form): Changes, alterations, developments, innovations, progess, enhancements, improvements.

Example: From 1995 to these days, the majority of changes in this town have been caused by humans.

- Cleared (past tense): Demolished, destroyed, removed, knocked down, eradicated, wiped out.

Example: In the present time, the fishing port developed in 1995 has been destroyed.

- Replaced (past tense): Took the place of, was replaced by.

Example: At the moment, a golf course and a tennis course have taken the place of the farmland and forest park.

- Experienced (past tense): Faced, met, underwent, went through, encountered, exhibited, recorded.

Example: From 1995 to the present time, this town has experienced many changes.

- Beside: Next to, adjacent to, on the left of, on the right of.

Example: In 1995, a cafe was created on the right of the fish market.

- Behind: At the back of.

- Surrounded by (passive form): Lanked by, bordered by, in the midst of.

Example: In 1995, the town was surrounded by the sea and other natural factors.

- Directions: On the top of, due west of, due south of, in the north of.

Example: Currently, a restaurant has been built in the north of a range of newly-developed apartments.

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