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Changing Jobs Many Times in a Lifetime - Sample Task 2 Essay

Writing Task 2 Topic: These days, people tend to have many jobs during their lifetime. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages?

1. Ideas:


- Increase and diversify work experience

- Find a job that is most suitable for people’s personalities and skills


- Negative impacts on people’s families

- Work instability

- Short-term experience in many areas may not be as helpful as long-term experience in one area.

2. Sample essay:

In modern society, many people pursue a number of careers during their lifetime. An American, on average, holds ten different jobs before they reach the age of forty. In this essay, I will assess the strengths and limitations of having numerous jobs during a lifetime and which part outweighs the other.

The first advantage of following many careers during a lifetime is that it can increase and diversify your work experience. This can be followed by greater opportunities of job promotion that you have. In addition to this, when people take a role in different jobs, they are able to obtain new experiences, such as getting to know new people and travelling to new places.

Worldwide statistics show that many young workers are doing jobs that are not linked to their university degrees or passions. Therefore, pursuing many careers during a lifetime can help you find a job that is most suitable for your personalities and skills.

For married people and those having children, changing jobs on a regular basis can have a negative impact on their families. For example, their children have to switch between multiple schools, which makes it difficult for them to concentrate on their study. Furthermore, there is a problem of work instability. Once you leave a job or a company, it is difficult to get back. Also, having a long-term contract creates a sense of stability and helps you make financial plans for your life.

Some people question the view that changing jobs many times can improve your work experience. The majority of managerial jobs require a long time of work experience in a particular area. Therefore, short-term experience in many areas may not be as helpful as long-term experience in one area.

In conclusion, when it comes to changing jobs many times during a lifetime, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages as long as people have a reasonably long time of experience in each job.

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