• Mai Duc Nguyen

Writing Task 1 - Topics Involving More Than One Type of Graph

In IELTS Writing Task 1, topics that involve multiple types of graph are often called combined charts or mixed charts. For example, the topic may contain a bar chart and a pie chart.

Please keep in mind the following points when you face this question type:

- Normally, there are two graphs only, such as a line graph and a table, because of the limitation of time allowance.

- Each graph tends to be less detailed and complex than when it is given as the only graph.

- You should manage time well. For example, if there are two different graphs, then try to spend at most 10 minutes describing each graph.

A sample topic containing two graphs: a bar chart and a pie chart, followed by a sample essay:


The bar chart demonstrates the reasons why adults decide to study, whereas the pie chart shows people’s opinions on how the costs of adult education should be financed.

40% of survey participants believe that it is the individuals who should be responsible for the costs of their study. 35% and 25% of respondents take a different view and think that employers and taxpayers, respectively, should help fund the costs of adult education.

Of the eight reasons why adults decide to take a course, having an academic interest leads the way with a record of 40%, followed by gaining qualifications with 38%. 22% of adults learn as a way to support their current job, whereas improving promotion opportunities and enjoying the study are the motives that push 40% of adults, in total, to pursue a course.

The proportions for being able to change jobs and meet people are the lowest. Only 12% of survey participants choose a course because of the former reason and only 9% decide to study to get chances to know new people.

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