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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Public Transport and Government Spending

Sample Task 2 Topic: Is this a positive or negative development that governments spend a huge amount of money building public transport?

1. Ideas:

Why positive?

- Ease the issue of traffic jam

- Reduce people’s transport costs

- Reduce air pollution

Why negative?

- High costs of development

- Will people choose to use public transport?

2. Essay:

Public transport is a shared passenger-transport service which is available for use by the general public. When the problems of traffic congestion and air pollution are increasing worldwide, many governments refer to building and expanding public transport as the solution. In this essay, I will analyse the benefits that this strategy can bring in and its drawbacks.

Public transport can ease the issue of traffic jam which is caused by the growth of private vehicles. Commuters and residents would see no need to drive their cars if there is a cheap and convenient service that takes them from places to places. Because public transport is mainly state-funded, another advantage of using it is that commuters can reduce their transport costs and living expenses.

In addition to this, by developing more bus and subway systems, governments can reduce air pollution since greenhouse gas emission is cut. It is important to remember that emissions from vehicles account for 20% of air pollution. However, the high costs of developing public transport mean that it is not suitable for developing economies. The cost of more than 1 million US dollars, on average, to build a kilometer of subway, is not affordable for many countries.

Countries can ask for financial aid from international banks to expand public transport, however, enlarging more public transport systems is challenged by the fact that many people refuse to choose it. This lack of willingness can be explained by a number of reasons, such as having business operations which require private cars and poor quality which can lead to accidents and crashes like those happened in Pakistan.

In conclusion, developing public transport can both be a positive and negative trend. The efficiency of this strategy depends on the economic state of a country and how strongly goverments encourage its people to give up using private vehicles.

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