• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 1 Sample Answers - Travel, Holidays and Transport

Travel/ Holidays:

- What do you do when you have a holiday?

It depends on how long the holiday is. If it is the Christmas or Easter holiday, I may travel to other cities in the UK or to other countries in Europe. If the holiday only lasts for a few days or a week, such as half-term, I choose to go around Birmingham where I am living.

- Who do you usually spend holiday with?

When I have holidays here in the UK, I spend them with my friends and sometimes my family members because they occasionally visit me in the UK. In summer holidays when I go back to Vietnam, I spend trips with my girlfriend, parents and high school friends because that is the only time of a year when we can see each other.

- Where would you like to spend your holidays? Why?

I visited New York city in the US a year ago. I would like to go back to America but to visit other cities, not New York. Although travelling to the US is expensive, you can get a deeper understanding of how the US economy works and how the lives of people there are going. I also want to travel to other Asian countries such as Japan and Thailand because of the great diversity of food and cultures that I would like to study and enjoy.

- What do people in your country do when they have holidays?

If it is national holidays such as the Vietnamese New Year, I guess visiting other family members is always people’s top priority. For other holidays such as summer time or Christmas, many people go to other countries to spend their holidays. This is not only because of the increasing incomes of Vietnamese households, but also because there is an increasing need to understand culture of other societies.

- Are holidays important to you? Why or why not?

They are a necessary part of my life. Holidays are times when I can relax and face no need to study or work hard. In addition to this, holidays give me a great opportunity to meet friends and other family members. Holidays can also help me make new friends and enhance my understanding of other cultures.


- How did you get here today?

I used my own car to get here today. I do not live in the city centre so it took me quite long to figure out the right way of travelling. I had to spend another 30 minutes to find a parking area for my car.

- What is your favourite mode of transport?

When I have to travel between cities and countries, I would like to use trains if they are available. Although travelling by trains is more time-consuming, it is often cheaper than other modes of transport such as airplanes and it also enables you to have a closer look at the natural beauty of places that you go by.

- Do you ever use public transport?

I definitely do. Not only is using public transport affordable, it is also a good way to have a deeper understanding of the culture of a place. For example, the London tube, or underground system, possesses a number of distinct cultures such as underground music. Only by using the tube can you understand this culture. In fact, in mega cities like London, driving a private car is expensive due to the high costs of petrol, insurance and parking.

- Do you like the transport system in your country?

The transport system in Vietnam has been much more developed than it was a few decades ago. More airports, sea ports, railways and road space have been built, partly because of the growing number of international tourists. However, I would like the public transport system to be more diverse and efficient. For example, more trams and underground trains should be built because at the moment, bus is the only option of public transport in many cities in Vietnam.

- Why is it important for a city to have a good public transport system?

A developed public transport system will encourage more people to give up using private vehicles. This can be the solution to the problems of road congestion and air pollution. In addition to this, if a city has a public transport system that enables passengers to travel at an afforable expense and conveniently, this can increase the number of tourists, which leads to more jobs being created and greater economic growth.

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