• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 2 Sample Answers - A Useful Website and a Memorable Trip

1. Describe a useful website that you know.

You should say:

  • What is the website?

  • How did you first know about it?

  • What are available on it?

  • And explain why it is an useful website.

I would like to talk about a useful website which is very popular in Vietnam. It is the online magazine called VnExpress. VnExpress is the option of not only people in Vietnam but also Vietnamese people living in foreign countries. It is ranked as the most read newspaper in my country.

I first knew about VnExpress about a decade ago when I was a primary student. The website first run in 2001 and therefore it is part of memories of people who have the same age as mine. A lot of my family members, relatives, friends and Vietnamese celebrities visit VnExpress as well on a regular basis. VnExpress offers news and related services. News on VnExpress are always seen as reliable and often used by big media corporations in Vietnam and outside Vietnam who want to make reports about Vietnam such as the BBC.

There are a variety of news offerd on VnExpress, ranging from education, politics, science and technology, family to cars, tourism and entertainment industries. Recently, VnExpress launches a new tab that specialises in uploading videos. The website supports the majority of popular online platforms including PCs and mobile devices. A mobile app for VnExpress users is also available on various app stores.

As a Vietnamese student studying aboard, VnExpress enables me to update news and trends that are happening in Vietnam. It also offers reliable information that I can apply for my study in the UK, such as business and economics news.

2. Describe a trip that you had taken part in and particularly enjoyed.

You should say:

  • When and where did the trip take place?

  • How many people were in your group?

  • What did you do there?

  • And explain why it was a memorable trip.

I would like to tell you about a holiday trip that I had participated in and find it really enjoyable. It was a trip to Danang city. Two years ago, after I successfully finished my high school exams and was preparing to become a university student, my family, some friends and I decided to visit Danang city.

Our team included 5 people and I would like to give you some basic information about this lovely tourist destination. Danang city is located in the middle of Vietnam and consists of thousands of beaches. Every year, millions of tourists from Vietnam and in the world visit Danang to enjoy its natural and cultural beauty.

The activity that I enjoyed the most was to visit local restaurants to eat Danang food. Not only was it diverse but it was also delicious and highly nutritious. Then our team took part in a range of local events such as music festivals, street magic shows to gain a better idea of Danang’ people, norms and values. Finally it was so enjoyable and relaxing to visit some of Danang’ most famous beaches and forest sites.

This trip had special meanings in my life. It was a great way to relax and a great chance to get an insight into a new city’ life cycles and its cultures. Most importantly, this Danag trip was a recognition of my efforts to finish high school exams and a preparation step for university study.

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