• Mai Duc Nguyen

IELTS Speaking Practice - Ways to Express Preferences

In this article, you can find multiple ways to express preferences, or in other words, alternative ways to saying I like something or I do not like something. These pieces of grammar can be used for both the IELTS Speaking and Writing test.

1. Like/ Love/ Fancy/ Want/ Would like/ Adore:

Example: I love playing football with my classmates when I have free time.

2. Enjoy doing something:

Example: I enjoying reading books as this hobby can deepen my academic understanding.

3. Be interested in doing something:

Example: I am interested in playing the guitar and singing love songs.

4. Have an interest in something:

Example: I have an interest in travelling because I want to explore new places and cultures.

5. Be fascinated by something:

Example: I am fascinated by the idea of cooking traditional food and showing it to my foreign friends.

6. I find something interesting/ relaxing/ amusing:

Example: I find watching movies with my parents and girlfriend relaxing.

Do you know any other ways to express preferences in English? If yes, please share them by leaving a comment.

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