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Students Face a Challenge to Concentrate on Studies - Sample Task 2 Essay

Sample Writing Task 2 Topic: It is reported that an increasing number of students find it hard to concentrate at schools. What are the causes of this problem? What steps can be taken to solve it?

1. Ideas:

- Causes:

  • Use of mobile devices

  • Boring school hours

  • A lot of homework, less slep

  • External factors

- Solutions:

  • Introduce regulations on the use of mobile devices at schools

  • Make lessons more interesting, interactive and engaging

  • Soundproof wall and government regulations to reduce noise

2. Sample Essay:

Going to schools is not an enjoyable experience for many students. This can have a negative impact on their educational achievements and in the long term, the productivity growth of a country. In this essay, I will outline a number of reasons why this problem is happening and come up with several solutions which can be adopted to successfully solve it.

The first reason why students struggle to pay attention in classrooms is the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Being provided with online games and social media sites, mobile devices can become so appealing that distract students from lessons. Another cause of this problem is linked to boring school hours because students have to study academically hard knowledge.

If students fail to have a good sleep in the evening, they may also find it difficult to concentrate the next morning. This can be explained by a huge amount of homework assigned by teachers. Furthermore, external factors also play a role. Noisy construction sites and airplane operations can all contribute to a high level of noise and prevent students from focusing on their studies.

In order to solve this problem, schools should introduce regulations on the use of mobile devices. For example, mobile phones must be switched off once students enter classrooms. It is also the responsibility of teachers to improve their teaching skills, which makes lessons more interesting, interactive and engaging. Organising more activities that require teamwork is a way to reach this goal.

With regards to external factors, a step that can be taken is to soundproof wall to decrease noise level. Government intervention, such as by setting a noise limit caused by construction sites, is also helpful.

In conclusion, when mobile devices are in use, lessons are boring and external factors are affecting, students will find it difficult to concentrate on studies. However, this issue can be tackled by introducing classroom rules on use of mobile phones, making lessons more interesting and cutting external noise.

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