• Mai Duc Nguyen

IELTS Speaking Practice - Ways to Express Amounts and Numbers

These pieces of grammar can be used for both the IELTS Speaking and Writing test.

1. There are many/ There are multiple ...

There are many types of food that I enjoy eating, including tranditional dishes of Vietnam.

2. There are few/ a few ...

There are a few sport centres located near my house therefore I can keep fit regularly.

3. There is a variety of/ There is a diversity of ...

There is a variety of student's nationalities at my university, making it truly an international educational environment.

4. There is a large/ small number/ amount of ....

There is a large amount of revision needed if students want to pass their final exams.

Please note: Number goes with countable nouns such as student, table and computer, whereas Amount should be followed by uncountable nouns such as time, money and water.

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