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Writing Task 2 Topic - The Education Gap

Sample Task 2 Topic: In many countries, the gap in educational achievements among different regions is increasing. What are the causes of this problem? What can be done to solve it?

1. Ideas:


  • Government’s over-spending in urban areas

  • Lack of teachers

  • Out-dated traditional belief


  • Raising investment levels in rural areas

  • Train more teachers who will work in rural areas

  • Information campaigns aiming at parents

2. Essay:

In both developed and developing world, the differences between parts of the countries in terms of educational quality are growing. This problem reduces opportunities of students from rural areas to have a good education and widens income gap in many states. In this essay, I will analyse the reasons why this issue is happening and suggest possible solutions.

First of all, the problem of a rising education gap is caused by government’s over-spending in urban areas. By contrast, educational infrastructure such as schools, study rooms and facilities in under-developed regions is often under-funded. In addition to this, many teachers are impressed by well-paid teaching jobs in big cities and show an unwillingness to take classes in rural areas. Because of this lack of resources, the educational achievements of under-developed areas are less outstanding than those of big cities.

In some parts of developing countries such as Vietnam, it is believed that children should do agricultural and farming work to help their families, instead of going to schools. This out-dated mindset further decreases a lot of children’s opportunities to receive a decent education.

Governments can solve this educational problem by raising investment levels in rural areas. Public sector and charity organisations can also play a role by contributing their finances to build new schools. Another solution which is already adapted by the government of China is to train more teachers and experts who will then work for schools in the North of this country where a huge number of households are struggling each day to make ends meet.

To reduce the education gap, it is also important for governments to introduce more information campaigns aiming at parents to raise their awareness of the critical importance of providing their children with a good education. Thailand is an example in the ASEAN community which has done this so well.

In conclusion, differences in educational quality between parts of a country can be explained by several reasons, from lack of sufficient government spending to lack of teachers. However, it can be solved by increasing state funding and growing the number of teachers in rural areas.

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