• Mai Duc Nguyen

Writing Task 2 Revision - How to Generate Essay Ideas?

1. Some tips to keep in mind:

- Read books, academic journals and English-written newspapers on a regular basis. Study various topics.

- Make notes on authors’ analysis of current trends or issues. They might be the topics of your essay.

- Edit (if necessary) and review these notes regularly. You should have a separate part of your notebook for the task of ideas generation.

- Where to read: BBC, CNN, Vox, The Guardian, Business Insider, AFP Correspondent, etc.

2. An example - Industry 4.0:

- Study this article: http://bit.ly/forbes-industry. What can you learn from this article that can be used for an academic essay?

- Here is what you can learn:

The pros and cons of the 4th industrial revolution


Connect billions of people to the Web

Improve business efficiency

More advanced technology to protect the environment


Governments and businesses may not adapt well

Security concerns beyond human capacity

Automation takes away people’s jobs

Do you have any other tips to come up with ideas for Writing Task 2 essays? If yes, please share them by leaving a comment.

Interested in learning more about the fourth industrial revolution? Please watch this video produced by Siemens.

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