• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 2 Revision - Important Skills To Acquire

1. Use 1 minute for preparation wisely:

- Divide your draft paper into 4 equal sections. Each section answers a supporting question.

- Make notes.

- Include key words only. You do not have to strictly follow all 4 supporting questions.

- Create an intresting story (don’t talk about Bill Gates for the topic Describe a famous person that you admire).

2. How to cope with difficult topics?

- Difficult topics are those that require much technical description such as describing a piece of art or a piece of infrastructure.

- When coping with these topics, focus on the values that the piece of art or infrastructure creates.

- For example, a building is a place for community events, international conferences and tourist attraction.

3. How to better your time management skills?

- If you talk for less than 2 minutes, your mark will be severely impacted. The examiner will stop you when your time is finished.

- There are two ways to improve your time management skills:

a. Self-revise: Use a timer

b. Revise as a group or with a partner: This method also helps you realise your mistakes

- Use a recorder as well to record your responses. Listen to them again to realise your mistakes or over time to check your progress.

Please find sample IELTS Speaking questions and responses here.

Do you have any other useful Speaking Part 2 skills that you would like to share with others? If yes, please leave a comment.

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