• Mai Duc Nguyen

What Do Young Egyptians Think of Their Cultures?

In an attempt to explore the cultures of Egypt, my friends and I interviewed 6 young Egyptians (aged 18-25). We asked them questions concerning 6 cultural aspects, including Social Unit; Authority, Power and Respect; Work and Life Balance; Risk, Rules and Control; Perspectives and Approaches to Time and Communication Style.

Our questions are:

Social unit

1. What makes up your identity as an Egyptian?

2. How important are relationships to you?

Authority, power and respect

1. Do you think there is class equality in Egypt?

2. How is status and respect gained or shown in Egypt?

Work and life focus

1. It is socially acceptable and usual for men to do housework?

2. Can women achieve a work-life balance?

Risk, rules and control

1. Is risk-taking common in Egypt? If yes, please give example(s).

2. Do you think you are over-controlled by state and social rules?

Perspectives and approaches to time

1. What do you think if your university professor arrives late for a lecture?

2. What do you think if your boyfriend/ girlfriend arrives late for a date?

Communication style

1. How do you stay in touch with your family and relatives?

2. Do you think technology has made face-to-face conversations less popular in Egypt?

Our findings are shown in the video at the top of this article. We hope that by watching it, you can improve your cultural understanding of Egypt as well as your English listening ability. Please feel free to contact us to leave your feedback concerning this video.

Find the video on YouTube here.

Thank you.

Are you from Egypt? If yes, how did you find this video? Are there any cultural aspects of your country that you would like to share with others?

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