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IELTS Listening Practice - Multiple-Choice and Note-Completion Questions

Questions 21-30: [Recording 1]

Questions 21-26:

Choose the correct letter, a, b or c.

21. The Antarctic Center was established in Christchurch because

a. New Zealand is a member of the Antarctic Treaty.

b. Christchurch is geographically well positioned.

c. the climate of Christchurch is suitable.

22. One role of the Antarctic Center is to

a. provide expeditions with suitable equipment.

b. provide researchers with financial assistance.

c. ensure that research is internationally relevant.

23. The purpose of the Visitors' Center is to

a. provide accommodation.

b. run training sessions.

c. show people what Antarctic is like.

24. Dr Merrywhether says that Antarctic is

a. unlike any other country.

b. extremely beautiful.

c. too cold for tourists.

25. According to Dr Merrywhether, Antarctic is very cold because

a. of the shape of the continent.

b. it is surrounded by a frozen sea.

c. it is an extremely dry continent.

26. Dr Merrywhether thinks Antarctic was part of another continent because

a. he has done his own research in the area.

b. there is geological evidence of this.

c. it is very close to South America.

Questions 27 and 28:

Complete the notes below about the Antarctic Treaty.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR TWO NUMBERS for each answer.

1870 - Polar Research Meeting

(27) .................... to .................... - 1st International Polar Year

1957 - Antarctic Treaty was proposed

1959 - Antarctic Treaty was (28) ....................

Questions 29 and 30:

Choose TWO letters, a - e.

Which TWO achievements of the Antarctic Treaty are mentioned by the speakers?

a. no military use

b. animals protected

c. historic sites preserved

d. no nuclear testing

e. fishing rights protected

Please find the recording here and the keys here.

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