• Mai Duc Nguyen

Grammar Builder Exercises – Linking Words and Sentence Coherence

Exercise 1: Add relevant linking words to connect these sentences.

1. Many young people believe that e-cigarettes are not harmful. Scientific studies prove that e-cigarettes have negative health impacts on their smokers.

2. By using public transport, commuters can save money and travel time. This is also a hobby that is environmentally-friendly.

3. Developing countries are witnessing tremendous growth in the number of private cars. Traffic jam in those states is becoming more common.

4. There are many solutions to the issue of air pollution. Governments can impose production quotas to reduce industrial chemicals dumped into the air.

5. Those are the arguments that our team would like to present today. We strongly believe that the UK must do more to boost its weakening economy.

Exercise 2: Connect these sentences by changing their structure.

1. Megacities should grow more trees. More trees mean that the natural environment will be improved.

2. Many students decide to study in a foreign country. They then realize that they have difficulty integrating into new cultures.

3. The US decides to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Other countries still want to be part of it.

4. Hillary Clinton claims that reducing gun ownership is the solution to terrorism. Donald Trump insists that eliminating extremist Islamic views is the answer.

5. The EU agrees to give financial aid to Greece. The organization demands that Greece must cut its national spending.

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