• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 1 Topic – Free Time and Hobbies

1. Useful vocabulary and sentence structures:

In my free time, I …

When I have free time, I enjoy …

When I don’t have to work/ study, I normally …

I (don’t) like/ enjoy/ fancy …

I am (not) a big fan of …

I am (not) interested in …

2. Sample questions:

What do you do in your free time?

When did you start doing these things?

Do members of you family do the same things in their free time?

Could you please tell me something about your hobbies?

How have your hobbies changed since you were a child?

Do you think you will follow new hobbies in the future?

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Do you have any special hobby that you would like to share? If yes, please leave a comment.

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