• Mai Duc Nguyen

Tips For Describing Maps and Processes In Writing Task 1

1. Maps:

Tip 1: Study the maps before you write anything.

Study the maps by highlighting their features, different pieces of infrastructure and their locations.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the tense you use.

If the map describes a city in 2010, make sure you use the past tense in your essay.

Tip 3: Take great care of directions.

When describing places, make sure you cite their locations correctly, for example in the Northwest of the city.

Tip 4: Use a variety of grammar and vocabulary.

To increase your grammar and vocabulary marks, you should use both the passive and active form of sentence and diversify your vocabulary.

Tip 5: Always describe the first map before the second map.

Chances are there will be at least two maps in the essay topic. You should always describe the first given map before demonstrating changes in the second or third map.

2. Processes:

Tip 1: Describe all stages.

A process cannot be complete without any stage.

Tip 2: Use sign-post and linking words.

Sign-post and linking words such as After, Before, The next step is, … help the IELTS examiner mark your essay faster and easier.

Tip 3: Rephrase given words and terms in the processes.

Try to describe given words and terms in the processes using your own expressions.

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