• Mai Duc Nguyen

5 Tips to Succeed in IELTS Speaking Part 2

In the second part of the IELTS Speaking exam, the IELTS examiner will randomly select a topic. You have one minute, a piece of paper and a pencil to prepare for that topic. After one minute, you have to talk non-stop about the topic for 2 minutes. Below you can find a number of useful tips to successfully pass every Speaking Part 2 topic.

1. Make notes during 1 minute of preparation:

During 1 minute of preparation, make notes to help your 2-minute talk. Because you only have 1 minute, you should write key words and main ideas about your story, such as verbs, years and places. As 1 minute will go away quicker than you think, it is a good idea that you practise making notes in 1 minute many times at home before the day of the Speaking exam.

2. Create an interesting story:

IELTS examiners want to hear an interesting story from you. The more interesting your story is, the more likely you can attract the attention of the examiner, which can significantly improve your mark. For example, if the topic is "Describe a famous person that you admire", then please avoid describing someone like Bill Gates!

3. Pay attention to the use of tense:

Using the right tense is one of the assessment criteria in the IELTS Speaking exam. The Speaking Part 2 topic will help you identify the tense that you should use for your 2-minute talk. For example, if the topic is "Describe a special memory in your childhood", then you need to use the past tense when making descriptive sentences.

4. Diversify your grammar and vocabulary:

You should use a variety of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures when talking about your Speaking Part 2 topic. It is also useful to use sign-post words and linking words such as Furthermore, In addition to that, However, etc. to connect your ideas and strengthen your analysis.

5. Be ready for one to two follow-up questions:

After you finishing talking about the given topic, the IELTS examiner may ask you one to two more follow-up questions. For example, when the topic is "Describe a trip that you took part in and enjoyed so much", one follow-up question might be "Would you recommend your friends to take the same trip as you did?".

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Do you have any other useful tips for Speaking Part 2? If yes, please share them with others by leaving a comment.

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