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IELTS Listening Revision - Typical Section 1 Questions

Questions 1-6 [Recording 1]

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

1. Becoming a Friend of Laverton Arts Centre

A. costs 15 pounds.

B. costs 50 pounds.

C. doesn't cost anything.

2. How many newsletters do Friends receive each year?

A. four

B. one

C. three

3. Friends of the Arts Centre can buy

A. more tickets than other visitors.

B. tickets before other visitors.

C. books earlier than other visitors.

4. There might be reductions on tickets for events

A. in the Small Theatre.

B. in the Main Theatre.

c. at the Arts Cinema.

5. The Arts Centre is changing

A. the password for its website.

B. its website address.

C. the design of its website.

6. Friends of the Laverton Arts Centre are

A. required to attend a certain number of events.

B. not forced to attend a certain number of events.

C. encouraged to count how many events they attend.

Questions 7-10 [Recording 1]

Complete the sentences below.


7. The woman has visited the Arts Centre .................... times in total.

8. The first event at the Arts Centre the women went to was .................... .

9. The woman was unaware there was .................... at the Arts Centre.

10. The women likes the idea of .................... .

Please find the recording 1 here and the keys here.

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