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IELTS Speaking Revision - Speaking Part 2 and Part 3 Sample Questions

In the real IELTS Speaking interview, Speaking Part 2 and Part 3 questions are often of the same topic. Below you can find two examples illustrating this similarity.

1. Example 1 - Relaxation:

Speaking Part 2

Describe a place that can be good to relax (not home)

You should say:

- Where the place is

- What it is like

- How you spend time there

And explain why you think it is a good place for relaxation.

Speaking Part 3

- How do people in your country relax?

- How have the ways people in your country relax changed over the past few years?

- Is relaxation important to students? Why or why not?

- In the workplace, what can employers do to help their employees relax better?

- Which place is better for relaxing, an indoor place or an outdoor place?

2. Example 2 - Giving Gifts:

Speaking Part 2

Describe a gift for another person that took you a long time to choose

You should say:

- What the gift was

- Who you gave it to

- How you chose it

And explain why you spent much time choosing it.

Speaking Part 3

- How do you usually choose gifts for your family and friends?

- Which gifts are popular in your country and why?

- In your opinion, what should be the ultimate goal of giving gifts?

- How gift-giving is different among different generations in your country?

- How do you think gift-giving cultures will look like in the future?

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What gifts are popular in your country? Why? Please share the answers with others by leaving a comment.

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