• Mai Duc Nguyen

Vocabulary Builder Exercises - Business and Academic Researches

Exercise 1: Match each word (1-5) with its relevant meaning (a-e).

1. Validity

2. Questionnaire

3. Practical issue

4. Qualitative

5. Informed consent

a. Represents problems that a researcher can face such as lack of funding.

b. Represents the awareness and agreement of research participants to take part in research.

c. Represents one of the methodologies that a research can follow.

d. Represents a methodology preference in which the researcher wishes to obtain data in detail rather than in bulk.

e. Represents one of the assessment criteria of the quality of a research.

Exercise 2: With each word (1-5) in exercise 1, create a sentence that contains the word. Try to build academic contexts for your sentences.

Please find the answers here.

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