• Mai Duc Nguyen

Grammar Builder Exercise - Expressing Personal Opinions

In the IELTS Speaking and Writing exam, expressing personal opinions will strengthen your analysis as well as improve your grammar score. This article will introduce a number of sentence structures which can be used to express personal opinions.

1. In my opinion:

For example: In my opinion, students should take a gap year before going to university. This amount of time will enable them to work and collect hands-on experience.

2. In my view:

For example: In my view, the Vietnamese government should impose higher tax rates on alcoholic drinks to reduce the amount of beer and wine consumption in this country.

3. I personally believe/ think/ claim that:

For example: I personally believe that kids should attend nurseries as they will be able to develop their communication, problem-solving skills as well as learn how to integrate into a new social environment.

4. I strongly/ greatly support the belief that:

For example: I strongly support the belief that the US government should introduce tougher rules on private gun ownership to decrease the number of casualties caused by guns in this country each year.

5. I am of/ against the opinion/ view/ perspective that:

For example: I am of the opinion that one of the leading causes of increasing obesity rates among children in developed countries is the rise of fast food and the lack of physical exercises.

Exercise: With each of the structure above, create a sentence to give your opinion on a social problem. Share your sentences with others by commenting on this post.

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