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Speaking Part 3 Topics - Global Issues

The United Nations defines global issues as "issues that transcend national boundaries and cannot be resolved by any country acting alone". Please click here to learn more about the UN's analysis of current global issues with case studies, research results and statistics. Below you can find a number of Speaking Part 3 topics and questions based on global issues.

Ageing Population:

- What are the positive social impacts of an ageing population?

- What are the negative economic impacts of an ageing population?

- What can a government do to best benefit from its ageing population?


- Why do many children in rural areas academically perform worse compared to their peers in urban areas?

- What can be done to help children in rural areas achieve better at schools?

- Should a government develop more public playgrounds for children?

Climate Change:

- In your opinion, do you think that human activities are a direct cause of climate change?

- Should solving climate change only be the job of developed economies?

- How can young people contribute to solve the problem of climate change?


- What are the social and economic impacts of hunger?

- Do you think that governments and the public sector alone can solve the problem hunger?

- What can private businesses do to provide food to people in need?


- What are the main causes of water pollution?

- Do private businesses play a role in causing water pollution?

- Should fresh water be charged at a higher price so that people can appreciate its real value?

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What are the global issues which are impacting your country? Please share the answer by leaving a comment.

Watch this video produced by The New York Times to understand the problem of air pollution in India.

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