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Speaking Part 1 Topics – Music and Arts

Below you can find a number of sample Speaking Part 1 questions and suggested answer structures concerning the topics of music and arts.


- What is your favorite music genre?

Suggested answer structure: I enjoy listening to ….

- Who is your favorite singer or music band?

Suggested answer structure: I am a big fan of …

- How have the ways you listen to music changed since you were a child?

Suggested answer structure: When I was a child, I often listened to … . These days, I no longer … but …

- Is music an important part of your life?

Suggested answer structure: Music is an essential part of my life because it helps me …

- What types of music are popular in your country?

Suggested answer structure: People in my country adore/ like/ love …


- Did you study arts at school?

Suggested answer structure: Yes arts was a subject at my primary and secondary school. The lessons were …

- Do you think arts should be a school subject?

Suggested answer structure: I think it should be because it benefits students by …

- Do you have a favorite artist?

Suggested answer structure: In my bedroom, I collect paintings drawn by …

- Have you ever visited an arts museum?

Suggested answer structure: Yes I have. One of the best arts museums that I have ever visited is …

- How do people in your country enjoy arts?

Suggested answer structure: It depends on people’s age and cultural background. On the one hand, … . On the other hand, … .

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