• Mai Duc Nguyen

Vocabulary Builder Exercise – World Cultures

Questions 1-5: Match each of the following culture (1-5) to its correct description (a-e).


1. Oktoberfest

2. Siesta

3. Lunar New Year

4. Sumo Tournament

5. Singles Day


a. A culture in Japan where significantly overweight athletes compete against each other.

b. A culture in Germany where people wear traditional clothes, drink beer and play outdoors games together.

c. A culture in a number of Asian countries where people celebrate the beginning of the year.

d. A culture in China where people go shopping and the culture is often associated with the Black Friday event in the US

e. A culture in a number of American countries where workers take a nap after lunch time.

Please find the answers here.

What is a popular culture in your country or in the place where you are living? Please share the answer by leaving a comment.

Watch this video to understand what foreigners should not do in Japan.

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