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Multiple Choice Questions Series 1- Phrasal Verbs

In academic writing contexts, the majority of phrasal verbs are "weak verbs". Candidates should avoid the use of these verbs and replace them with stronger, more academic verbs. The following 10 multiple-choice questions will explain this skill in more detail.

Questions 1-10: Replace the phrasal verbs in italics with a suitable alternative verb.

1. The government decides to call off their support programs for underdeveloped communities due to a lack of funding.

a. continue

b. revise

c. improve

d. abandon

2. The foundation comes up with the idea of providing teachers in rural areas with more teaching resources.

a. refuses

b. postpones

c. accepts


3. More talks by successful people are needed in order to cheer university students up.

a. inspirit

b. refresh

c. enlist

d. inspect

4. In spite of tough security measures, two prisoners still managed to get away from the detention center.

a. control

b. devastate


d. reinvigorate

5. In a typical large-scale company, many departments have to look over a single business plan.

a. develop

b. examine

c. reinforce

d. justify

6. The government needs to further develop the public transport system if it wishes to encourage more people to give up driving private vehicles.

a. continue

b. desist (from)

c. consider

d. testify

7. Hackers these days can easily penetrate weakly developed online security systems and give away sensitive information.

a. disclose

b. investigate

c. distort

d. destroy

8. If students struggle to find information for their academic studies, they can easily look it up on the Internet.

a. imitate

b. beautify

c. invent

d. research

9. Tourists are advised to look out regularly because of the increasing rate of crime in this city.

a. communicate

b. gather

c. beware

d. polish

10. The city council was finally able to work out a plan to solve the problem of traffic congestion in the center.

a. agree

b. proofread

c. devise

d. expect

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Note: These questions were composed by author Mai Duc Nguyen and were originally posted on VnExpress (the most read Vietnamese newspaper).

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