• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month - December 2017

1. (v) annihilate: to destroy a group of people or to defeat an opponent completely

Example: Criminals are willing to annihilate those who do not obey them.

2. (adj) blatant: to be clear, obvious

Example: It is blatant that human activities are a major cause of climate change.

3. (v) assert: to confirm or claim that something is true

Example: The US government asserts that it is treated unfairly as a member of the Paris climate agreement.

4. (n) peril: a danger, risk

Example: Journalists who volunteer to report news in war areas are putting their lives in peril.

5. (n) repercussion: a negative impact or influence

Example: Increasing income inequality is a long-term repercussion of rapid but uneven economic growth.

6. (adj) gratifying: to feel pleased or satisfied

Example: It is gratifying for businesses in the US to know that President Trump will lower corporate taxes soon.

7. (adj) vigilant: to be aware or cautious

Example: Tourists are advised to be vigilant when they visit cities with high crime rates.

8. (v) reinvigorate: to give someone more energy or to make something stronger

Example: Dubai and Singapore are two examples of how a government can reinvigorate its country to make it more appealing to tourists and foreign investment.

9. (v) rebuff: to decline or refuse to do something

Example: The government rebuffed to grant his company a tax cut because it failed to meet environmental standards.

10. (v) penetrate: to get through something or to be noticed by someone

Example: These days, hackers can easily penetrate weakly developed online systems and steal personal information.

Have you learned any new word in December? Please share your new words with us by leaving a comment.

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