• Mai Duc Nguyen

Vocabulary Builder Exercise – University Studies

Exercise: Match each of the following expressions (1-5) with its correct definition (a-e).


1. Lecture

2. Assignment

3. Presentation

4. Teamwork

5. Final Exams


a. A piece of work that students must complete as part of a course

b. Work that you do together with other people

c. A formal occasion in which you describe or explain something to a group of people

d. A talk about a course or subject given to a group of students, particularly at higher education institutions

e. The last set of examinations that students take before they finish a semester or their college studies

Please find the answers here.

If you are currently studying at a university, how is your experience? If you are working, how was your experience as a university student? Please share your memory by leaving a comment.

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