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Speaking Part 1 Revision – Shopping and Reading


1. Do you go shopping frequently?

Suggested Answer Structure: I am a big fan of shopping. I visit my favorite shops (frequency) per week/ per month.

2. What do you often buy when going shopping?

Suggested Answer Structure: When I go shopping, I often purchase … .

3. What are your favorite stores?

Suggested Answer Structure: I am a loyal customer of … .

4. Have you ever had a negative shopping experience?

Suggested Answer Structure: A few years ago, I visited … and they did not impress me positively. The reason was … .

5. Have you ever gone shopping online?

Suggested Answer Structure: I am a frequent online shopper because … . I often look for … online.


1. Do you read frequently?

Suggested Answer Structure: Reading is one of my favorite activities when I have free time, because … .

2. What do you often read?

Suggested Answer Structure: I fancy/like/love reading about … .

3. Could you please tell me something about your favorite book or author?

Suggested Answer Structure: I regularly purchase books written by … .

4. How have your reading habits changed since you were a child?

Suggested Answer Structure: When I was young, I read books about … . These days, I prefer … because … .

5. Is reading a popular habit among young people in your country?

Suggested Answer Structure: Young people in my country have a deep passion for learning and reading. They often read about …

What are your shopping and reading habits? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

Watch the video below to understand Bill Gates's favorite books of 2017.

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