• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – Family and Culture


1. Why have family sizes in the world decreased in the last few decades?

Suggested Ideas: People’s increasing financial independence and priority to pursue a professional career.

2. What do you think are the roles of old people in families these days?

Suggested Ideas: Taking care of children and helping housewives with housework.

3. How have the ways young people see families changed in your country in the last few years?

Suggested Ideas: They will soon leave their family to live independently and see taking care of their family as an obligation.

4. What problems can a family of young parents face these days?

Suggested Ideas: Increasing costs of living and mental conflicts.

5. What do you think a traditional family will look like in 20 years?

Suggested Ideas: Decrease in family size and affected more greatly by technology.


1. Could you please tell me some culture which represents your country?

Suggested Ideas: Loyalty, punctuality, diligence and social responsibility.

2. Is it important to preserve a country’s cultures?

Suggested Ideas: Yes because they are unique and represent the cultural identity of many people.

3. Do you think that young generations these days care about protecting their country’s cultures?

Suggested Ideas: Yes with examples of cultural events and forums organized by youth worldwide.

4. How has globalization affected cultures around the world?

Suggested Ideas: Culture is relative and it can change.

5. What can a government do to make sure that the jobs of preserving national cultures and exchanging global cultures are in balance?

Suggested Ideas: It can organize events which promote local cultures and collectively learn from other countries’ cultures.

What are the well-known cultures of your country? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

Watch this TED Talk, delivered by Christen Reighter, to understand why women of the modern society no longer want to have children.

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