• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – January 2018

1. (v) overlook: to fail to do or recognize something; to have a view of something from above

Example: The financial plan of the company in 2008 overlooked the global financial crisis and its negative impacts.

2. (adj) pliable: to be easy to bend, influence or change

Example: Because children are pliable, parents should start teaching them social norms and values as soon as possible.

3. (v) transcribe: to record or copy something as its original version

Example: The museum decided to transcribe more than 1,000 books from well-known writers of the 19th century.

4. (n) shortcoming: a fault, problem or oversight which reduces the efficiency of something

Example: A major shortcoming of this business plan is that there is no analysis on potential actions of our company’s competitors.

5. (v) hobble: to prevent something from happening or being successful

Example: The educational development of rural areas in this country is hobbled by their lack of well-qualified teachers and teaching resources.

6. (v) allot: to assign something to a number of parties

Example: If a team wants to succeed, each member should be allotted a task that he/she enjoys doing.

7. (n) repository: a place where a large amount of resources or goods is stored

Example: The repository of this factory is protected every day with security guards.

8. (adj) incipient: something which just starts to appear or develop

Example: Incipient start-up projects can gain huge success, if they are provided with sufficient investment.

9. (v) tabulate: to display multiple pieces of information in an organized way, such as by using a table

Example: A major advantage of this software is that it automatically tabulates information as users insert it.

10. (adj) prevailing: to be popular at a certain time or to be influential on a certain group of people

Example: The prevailing study of “Pin Factory” by Adam Smith is still used by economists today to show the relationship between increasing division of labor and rising productivity.

What new words have you learnt in January 2018? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

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