• Mai Duc Nguyen

Writing Task 1 Revision – Describing Tables

1. Tips for describing tables:

- To make sure no important information is missed, look at data in rows and in columns.

- If there are years in the past, make sure to use verbs in the past tense.

- If there are more than one time period, make sure to describe trends.

- Do not forget to make comparisons between different variables.

2. A sample table essay (describing the table above):

The table above describes the proportion of children who suffered from educational problems in two different primary schools.

Only 8% and 9% of students at school B faced reading problems in 2005 and 2015, respectively, whereas the figures of school A were more significant, 22% and 23%. In addition, the percentage of children at school A suffering from handwriting problems (28%) was four times larger than at school B in both years.

The proportion of students with spelling, listening and verbal expression problems at school A was more than 30% in 2005. However, the figures reduced to less than 25% ten years later. During the same ten-year period, the percentage of children at school B with those three problems escalated.

Furthermore, school A also witnessed a huge improvement when the percentage of its students with problem to concentrate and follow instructions decreased from 40% and 42%, respectively, to 18% in 2015. Meanwhile, school B recorded no progress in helping students concentrate better, and even experienced a jump by 200% in the percentage of students with difficulty to follow instructions (6% to 12%).

In conclusion, the table shows that the percentage of students with special educational needs at school A surpassed the figures of school B in both years and all problem categories.

If you were to describe the table above, how would your essay look like? Please share it with others by leaving a comment.

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