• Mai Duc Nguyen

Multiple Choice Questions Series 4 – Using Academic Expressions to Describe Statistics

Questions 1-10: Replace each of the following figures with a similar word-based expression.

1. 21%

a. A quarter

b. Just more than a fifth

c. A fifth

d. Just below two thirds

2. 32%

a. One out of ten

b. Approximately one out of four

c. Just below a third

d. More than a half

3. 49%

a. One in every four

b. About two thirds

c. Just less than a half

d. More than one fourth

4. 67%

a. Just higher than two thirds

b. About a quarter

c. Approximately a half

d. One out of seven

5. 25%

a. Every three in four

b. Two in every ten

c. Approximately three quarters

d. A quarter

6. 75%

a. About two in three

b. A fourth

c. Just below three out of five

d. Three in every four

7. 80%

a. Exactly eight out of ten

b. Approximately three fifths

c. A quarter

d. Two in every three

8. 60%

a. Three fifths

b. Six out of nine

c. About three quarters

d. Just higher than two thirds

9. 41%

a. Approximately three in every five

b. Just more than two fifths

c. About six out of ten

d. Just below three quarters

10. 99%

a. Approximately all

b. Almost all

c. About one tenth

d. Just below nine in every ten

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