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Multiple Choice Questions Series 5 – Choosing a Correct Sentence Structure

Questions 1-10: Complete the following sentences by choosing a relevant sentence structure for each.

1. ………. students get enough sleep at night, they can concentrate better on their studies in the morning.

a. When

b. Although

c. Before

d. Despite

2. ………. going to university, many high school graduates decide to take a gap year.

a. In spite of

b. Before

c. As long as

d. Because

3. ………. many students achieve well at university, they struggle to find suitable jobs after graduation.

a. Although

b. After

c. As far as

d. As a result of

4. ………. the increase in tax rates on alcoholic drinks, the consumption of beer and wine in Vietnam is increasing.

a. By

b. Because

c. Before

d. In spite of

5. ………. having a successful career, many businessmen and businesswomen still struggle to achieve a work-life balance.

a. Resulting in

b. As long as

c. Since

d. Despite

6. ………. giving birth, a large number of women find it difficult to re-enter the workforce.

a. In addition to

b. As

c. After

d. Resulting in

7. Team conflicts can always be solved ………. all team members are willing to sit down and talk.

a. Because

b. As long as

c. Before

d. Despite

8. ………. sugary and fat products are seen as unhealthy, a number of governments in the world are working on plans to introduce a “fat tax”.

a. In addition to

b. In spite of

c. Because

d. When

9. ………. studying abroad, many students become more mature, independent and better at problem-solving skills.

a. Despite

b. Although

c. As long as

d. By

10. Many road accidents happen ………. drunk driving.

a. As a result of

b. In addition to

c. Because

d. Resulting in

Please find the answers here.

How many correct answers did you get? Please share your result by leaving a comment.

Note: This article was written by author Mai Duc Nguyen and originally posted on VnExpress (the most read Vietnamese newspaper).

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