• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – February 2018

1. (adj) imperial: to be related to an empire or to be majestic, impressive

Example: Many imperial systems in the past had collapsed, because power was concentrated on the hands of only a few people.

2. (v) circumvent: to break or ruin something, or to avoid something in a way which is not illegal

Example: Many online businesses circumvent harsh tax laws by not having any physical presence.

3. (n) pamphlet: a small and thin book, usually used for marketing purposes

Example: The pamphlet is expected to give investors an overview of the company’s financial performance in 2017.

4. (n) conceit: to demonstrate over-confidence or to show a clever, unusual way of thinking

Example: The manager’s conceit leads him to under-evaluate ideas and feedback from his colleagues.

5. (v) muzzle: to stop someone from talking or giving an opinion

Example: The mother decided to muzzle her sons with toys, in order to conceal her secrets.

6. (adj) contingent: to be unexpected, sudden or to be dependent on something

Example: Decreasing the number of monthly customers is a contingent outcome of this business plan.

7. (adj) precipitous: to be very high and steep

Example: The prices of Bitcoin recently witnessed a precipitous drop.

8. (v) wither: to become dry, weaker or to make something feel ashamed

Example: By not having enough sleep, you are withering your own physical health and body.

9. (v) muffle: to make sound quieter, to wrap something to make it warm

Example: The food needs to be constantly muffled to maintain its best quality.

10. (n) fallacy: a common belief which is false

Example: There is a fallacy among managers that increasing monetary rewards always leads to increasing productivity.

What new words have you learnt in February 2018? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

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