• Mai Duc Nguyen

Writing Task 1 Revision – Describing Combined Charts

A Writing Task 1 topic with combined charts means there are more than one type of chart. Because of the limit of time (20 minutes for the Writing Task 1 section), each chart will be relatively uncomplicated.

Tips: Spend more time describing the chart which is more complicated. You should also use a paragraph to describe each chart.

Example: The charts below show reasons for travel and the main issues for the travelling public in the US in 2009.

Sample Essay (167 words):

The charts describe the main reasons why people in the US travelled, and common problems that they faced in 2009.

In 2009, nearly half of residents in the US (49%) travelled because of work reasons, making it the most popular reason for travelling. Whereas approximately a fifth of people (19%) travelled due to personal reasons, the figure for shopping was insignificantly smaller (16%). Social/ recreation and visiting friends/ relatives were the least popular reasons, encouraging only 10% and 6% of people to travel, respectively.

The most popular concern among those travelling in 2009 was price of travel (36%), followed by safety concerns (19%), aggressive drivers (17%), and highway congestion (14%). While 8% of travelers worried about their access to public transport, a slightly lower percentage of them (6%) stated that their issue was a lack of physical space for pedestrians.

The data, as a result, clearly shows that access to public transport and space for pedestrians were the two least common concerns among US travelers in 2009.

If you were to write this essay, how would it look like? Please share it with others by leaving a comment, and I will give feedback on your essay.

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