• Mai Duc Nguyen

Writing Task 2 Revision – Developing a Good Conclusion

1. Main requirements of an ideal conclusion in Writing Task 2:

- Have a sign-post phrase to start the introduction, for example: In conclusion, In short, In brief, To conclude.

- Summarize main points which were discussed in the body contents, in a different way to the introduction.

- Give your personal opinion or evaluate analyses, if you have not done so in the body contents.

- Make future predictions or personal suggestions if necessary.

Unlike in Writing Task 1 where you can skip a conclusion, writing a good conclusion is “a must” in Writing Task 2 essays. A good conclusion can help you significantly improve your score. Therefore, if time is coming to an end and you are still writing the body paragraphs, then finish the sentence you are composing, and jump directly to a conclusion.

2. Examples of a complete conclusion in Writing Task 2:

Example 1: It is believed that police should be provided with guns to ensure public safety. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Conclusion: In conclusion, while a police force with guns can be a feasible solution to violent crimes, it may lead to a greater number of unexpected deaths caused by guns. Furthermore, the policy proves to be inefficient in dealing with other types of increasing crimes such as financial and cyber-crimes. As a result, although I agree with the idea of a gun-powered police force, it should only be implemented in areas with high rate of violent crimes.

Example 2: Teamwork can boost productivity and efficiency. Do the advantages of working as a team outweigh its disadvantages?

Conclusion: In conclusion, although teamwork can generate more creative ideas and help members learn from each other’s strengths, it may not be a useful tool in the workplace if team members do not share a common vision. However, in my opinion, with an experienced and passionate team leader, these disadvantages can be offset, making the benefits of working as a team outweigh its costs.

Example 3: Cyber-bullying is an increasing problem of the online world. What are the impacts of this problem? What can be done to solve it?

Conclusion: In conclusion, cyber-bullying can directly harm the mental health of its victims, and even lead to suicide cases. Although cyber-bullying is an increasingly serious issue, it can be tackled by powering social media sites with more reporting tools, as well as by opening more helplines for the victims. In my opinion, cyber-bullying can be completely prevented, when all parties involved, including social media companies, governments and Internet users, play an active role.

Sample topic for you to practice: Many young graduates these days decide to start their own company, instead of working for a company. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

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