• Mai Duc Nguyen

Grammar Builder Exercise – Expressing Sentences Differently

Exercise: Express the following sentences differently without changing their main meanings.

Tip: Common ways to express a sentence differently are

- to use a relative clause

- to use a transitional word

- to replace words with their synonyms

- to change the order of its components

- to change its structure

1. Because of the overwork culture, many people in Japan fail to achieve a work-life balance.

2. Many young people decide to live in suburban areas to avoid the high rental costs in city centers.

3. The number and frequency of natural disasters in the world rose to a record high in 2017.

4. Although the costs of living are jumping every year, salary appears not to be the most important factor when young people look for jobs these days.

5. In addition to increasing the burden on countries’ healthcare system, a growing old population is believed to reduce their ability to compete on a global scale.

Please find the keys (suggested answers) here.

Do you create sentences in a different way than the suggested answers? If yes, please share them by leaving a comment.

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