• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 2 Revision – Describing an Important Possession

1. Sample Topic:

Describe a physical possession which is important to you.

You should say:

- What the possession is?

- How long you have owned it?

- How does it look like?

And explain why it is important to you.

2. Tips:

- As always, make sure you use 1 minute of preparation wisely, by writing notes consisting of key words ONLY.

- Beware of situations where you have to use the past tense, for example, past memories with your possession.

- Create INTERESTING stories around your possession, if possible, to better grab the attention of the IELTS examiner.

- Don’t forget to describe its values to you – Why it is so important to you that you chose to talk about it in 2 minutes, and not about other possessions.

3. Sample Ideas (to the topic presented above):

- What: My smart phone

- When: 2 years ago

- Where: Bought it in Germany

- How: White, thin, facial and fingerprint recognition, high-quality camera and speaker

- Why: It is really “smart” – Functions (study, news, music, etc.)

Want to share your response to the topic above with others? If yes, please comment it below.

Watch the documentary below, produced by the BBC, to understand how private gun ownership (or possession) has contributed to creating “the lost streets” in Chicago, USA.

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