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Writing Task 2 Revision – Introducing Examples in Academic Writing Contexts


- An ideal example should start with a phrase to inform the IELTS examiner that it is an example, which can be: For example, For Instance, A great example is …, etc.

- Examples for the IELTS Writing Task 2 section can be developed from the following sources: Official statistics, case studies, scientific researches, news, social trends or personal experience.

Exercise: Complete the following paragraphs with a suitable example for each. You may add your examples anywhere in the paragraphs.

1. The positive effects of teamwork

Working as a team can directly improve productivity. In addition, teamwork helps generate more ideas than individual work processes, since each member is able to suggest his/her own thoughts. Furthermore, a benefit of working in a multi-talent and culturally diverse team is that members can learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses, hence leading to more well-analyzed decisions.

2. The negative effects of using private cars

By using their own cars, drivers can face problems resulting from the process of urbanization, such as traffic congestion and lack of parking space. Moreover, because the living expenses are increasing in big cities, so is the cost to run a car, which ranges from petrol, parking to insurance and repair. In industrialized and over-crowded cities, furthermore, private, petrol-dependent cars are the major cause of air pollution, which negatively impacts the health of their residents.

3. The solutions to the problem of cyber-bullying

The problem of cyber-bullying can be solved when social media users are willing to report inappropriate contents, such as hate speech and abusive language. In addition, social media companies can play a role by improving their algorithms which can automatically identify and remove cyber-bullying posts. As for governments, because they have the legal power, they should organize more information campaigns to increase public awareness of cyber-bullying, and how to prevent it.

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