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Writing Task 1 General Training Revision – Letter of Complaint

1. General tips for writing letters in Writing Task 1 (General Training Module):

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2. Sample topic – Letter of complaint:

Construction work is being done on the street where you live, which annoys you.

Write a letter of complaint to your city council. In your letter,

- introduce yourself

- explain the current problem

- suggest solutions to the problem

3. Sample letter: (174 words)

Dear the City Council of London,

I am Lisa. I come from Spain and are currently working in London as a senior accountant. Today I write this letter to you to complain about the ongoing construction project on Mainland Street, where I am living.

The project aims to build a new supermarket, replacing a former playground for children. However, works are normally conducted in the late afternoons until midnight, which creates a huge amount of noise. As a mother of two, I find this problem really disturbing. Late afternoon until midnight is the time when my family members gather and have dinner together, after a working day. Furthermore, after talking with my neighbors, I realized that they faced the same issue.

I personally suggest that the construction project should implement its works earlier in the mornings, from Monday to Friday. In addition, it can also use machines which produce a lower amount of noise.

Thank you for reading this letter and your support. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,


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